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It is our belief that athletics are the front porch of education and an integral part of the development of young people. We believe that we must compete at the highest level while maintaining integrity, respect for our opponents and good sportsmanship. We believe that high school athletics to be an integral part of our students' educational experience, as athletics teach many lessons that aren't as easily replicated in the classroom.

Athletic programs provide pracitical lessons — teamwork, sportsmanship, winning and losing, and hard work. Through participation in athletic programs, students learn self-discipline, build self-confidence, and develop competitive skills. These are qualities that the public expects schools to produce in students so they will become responsible adults and productive citizens.

Participation in high school sports is often a predictor of later success — in college, in a career, and in becoming a contributing member of society.

For Applicants Seeking a Paraprofessional Position:
The link below will lead you to an online presentation designed specifically for paraprofessionals.  The presentation explains the various options for qualifying for the position, the process for application, registration, and where to send all materials. 

To view the presentation, please click Applying for a Paraprofessional License.


Director: Mr. Gared Watkins                   

Phone: 662-207-0905

E-mail: gwatkins@sunflower.k12.ms.us



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