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21st Century Grant

On behalf of our 21st Century Community Learning Centers, I would like to welcome you back for another exciting and sure to be successful year!!  

I am elated to be serving as the 21st Century Grants Coordinator for the District. As the data comes in from last year’s 21st Century participants, I am proud to say that our programs had a successful year with regards to the participants showing overall growth on each of their STAR assessments in ELA and Mathematics. This year our goals are to reach more parents, make stronger connections with community partners and serve more students and parents than last year. We are also looking to add more structure and uniformity to 21st Century afterschool programs across the District.

I am really excited to be collaborating with a strong team of parent liaisons in the District. Our goal is to see a significant increase in parental involvement and family engagement in every building during the regular day and in our afterschool programs.

Finally, our team is looking forward to working with principals this year. We are asking that principals let us know what we can do to better serve their buildings and more importantly help students reach their maximum potential. I truly believe this is our year to shine in SCCSD. 


Felicia Polk-Flanagan

21st Century Grants/Parent Liaisons Coordinator  

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