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Topic Department Phone
Akon, Barbara A.W. James Elem. School Principal 662.745.8892
Ball, Randy Federal Program Director 662.887.4919/Ext. 104
Beaman, Shamethria K-3 Curriculum Specialist 662.884.1200
Benson, Geneva James C. Rosser Elementary Principal 662.246.5395/Ext. 211
Bolden, Willie Gentry High School Principal 662.884.1240
Brown, Catasha Robert L. Merritt Junior High Asst. Principal 662.884.1270/Ext. 315
Brown, Quentella PBS 662.884.1280
Carroll, Latasha Monroe Ruleville Central Elementary Principal 662.756.2548
Davis, Miskia Superintendent 662.887.4919/Ext. 108
Dixon, Dione Payroll Bookkeeper 662.887.4919/Ext. 118
Downs, Janice PBS 662.884.1280
Dunigan, Josephine Superintendent's Secretary/WebMaster 662.887.4919/Ext. 100
Gordon, Carrie Asst. Child Nutrition Director 662.207.4311
Green, Thelma Carver Elementary Principal 662.884.1250/Ext. 254
Griffin, Ellen Child Nutrition Director 662.207.4523
Griffin, Tiffany Administrative Assistant/Org. Support 662.884.1200
Hall, Velma MSIS/SAM7 662.887.4919/Ext. 110
Hawkins, Marvin Maintenance Director 662.207.4716
Heflin, Daphne Lockard Elementary Principal 662.884.1260/Ext. 243
Hibbler, Kakawanda Nurse 662.207.9314
Hibbler, Markricus Chief of Security 662.207.4720
Hughes, Dorothy Accounts Payable Bookkeeper 662.887.4919/ext. 115
Jackson, Sandra Federal Programs Admin. Asst. 662.884.1200/Ext. 146
Johnson, Rosalind Indianola Career Tech Center Director 662.884.6001/Ext. 426
Jones, Dylan Data and Information Technology Specialist (662) 887-1200/Ext 142
Jones, Laquitta Payroll Clerk 662.884.4919, Ext 119
Kent, Li'Thesia Counseling & Assessment Coordinator 662.884-1200/Ext. 131
Lakes, Erick Ruleville Central High Principal 662.756.4757/Ext. 431
Longmire, Felecia Exceptional Ed. Bookkeeper 662.884.1200/Ext. 130
Mitchell, Vilinda Accountant 662.887.4919/Ext. 114
Molden, Tommie Ruleville Middle Principal 662.756.4698/Ext. 321
Murphy, William Student Discipline Coordinator 662.884.1200, Ext 129
Murry, Calandra Assistant Business Manager 662.887.4919/Ext. 105
Nelson, Ahmad HR Manager 662.887.4919/Ext. 101
Parker, Andrea Exceptional Ed. Director 662.884.1200
Pitts, Toslinet Special Projects Admin. Asst. 662.887.4919/Ext. 103
Ransom, Khalilah Indianola Academic Achievement Center, Principal 662.887.1278
Reynolds, Leigh Ann Director of Early Childhood 662.884.1200/Ext. 145
Robey, Lillie Finance Manager 662.887.4919/Ext. 107
Simpson, Valerie HR/Special Projects Director 662.887.4919/Ext. 104
Singleton, Brenda Inverness Elementary Principal 662.265.5752
Thomas, Andrea Interim SPED Director 662.884.1200/Ext. 126
Turner, Chris Robert L. Merritt Middle Principal 662.884.1270/Ext. 315
Washington, Sawanda East Sunflower Elementary Principal 662.569.3137/Ext. 266
Washington, Sylvester Technology Director 662.887.4919/Ext. 106
Watkins, Gared Organizational Support Director 662.207.0905
Weeks, Callie Receptionist 662.887.4919, Ext 116
Weeks, Kim Technology Technician 662.207.1839
Wilson, Sheley Fixed Assests Clerk 662.887.4919/Ext. 117
Winston, Terrance Transportation Director 662.207.7916
Young, Tony Drew Hunter Middle School Principal 662.745.8529

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